What is Lucky's Challenge?

What is Lucky's Challenge?

Lucky's Challenge was developed to share information and experiences related to adverse reactions caused by vaccines. Our goal is to provide easy access to valuable resources concerning the health and safety of our dogs. Over-vaccinating can lead to a variety of health problems so you should discuss lifestyle and risk factors with your veterinarian to determine a vaccine schedule that is best for your pet. A trusted vet should not believe in vaccinating every pet for every disease.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dog Vaccination Information

Dogs with unknown vaccination histories (rescue or shelter dogs)
For a rescue dog with an unknown vaccine history, the first choice would be to run antibody titers, particularly if it is an older dog. Otherwise, with a healthy dog, Dr. Robert Schultz would recommend vaccinating for parvo, distemper, adenovirus, and rabies. A conservative approach is to give two doses of CPV, CDV, and CAV, three to four weeks apart. However, one dose is considered protective and acceptable in a dog over sixteen weeks of age, according to Schultz’ research.

The rabies vaccine would be administered per state law (typically an initial dose, followed by another one year later, then on a three-year schedule). A dog coming in with a known vaccine history should not immediately be re-vaccinated; use the three-year time frame from the date of the last vaccine, or better yet, run a titer, especially if there is doubt about the validity of the shot records.


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