What is Lucky's Challenge?

What is Lucky's Challenge?

Lucky's Challenge was developed to share information and experiences related to adverse reactions caused by vaccines. Our goal is to provide easy access to valuable resources concerning the health and safety of our dogs. Over-vaccinating can lead to a variety of health problems so you should discuss lifestyle and risk factors with your veterinarian to determine a vaccine schedule that is best for your pet. A trusted vet should not believe in vaccinating every pet for every disease.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Canine VacciCheck from Biogal

Professor Ronald Schultz from the University of Wisconsin in the USA, is one of the key world opinion leaders on the subject of pet vaccination. Schultz is a key member of both the American Animal Hospital Association and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Vaccination Guidelines committees.
Professor Schultz has recently written a clinical review that discusses vaccination, titer testing and how Biogal's Canine VacciCheck can be utilized to reduce over vaccination and therefore avoid potential adverse events. Professor Schultz describes VacciCheck as being a cost effective, user-friendly and as an expedient "in house" titer test for Hepatitis (Canine Adenovirus), Parvovirus and Distemper to determine whether there is a need to revaccinate dogs.
Professor Schultz also discusses the potential use of the VacciCheck as part of the puppy confirmation protocol and the VacciCheck use in terms of determining unknown dog vaccination status.  

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